Squid Game
Squid Game
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OS: AndroId

Version: 1.0.4

Updated: October 30, 2021

Size: 23MB

Developer: Good Word Games

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Welcome to the game called Squid Game. A great running game is waiting for you.Squid Game is a survival game in which you can fight against your opponents to pass the levels.

Squid game 3d. Squid game 3d is a real new game for 2021. Squid game run is inspired by the red light green light game. Cross the finish line to survive in a real squid game. This is a survival super casual real squid game 3d for real fans of squid games. if you are looking for a new game in 2021, game squid 3d is for you. Survival super casual games are challenging in new games 2021. Run for your life in this new game 2021. New game 2022 will be your destination. This is a real squid game.

Real game in 3D.

Challenging missions will be waiting for you in Squid Game. Are you ready to accept these missions?

You must cross the finish line before the time runs out.

Squid game The squid game with 3D graphics provides you with great effects and parts. Red light green light in the squid game where you can pass all levels and finish the game in the final.

Squid Games - Survival shooter game featuring games like Red Light and Green Light. Make sure you don't miss the ultimate squid survival challenge game that is a real roller coaster. In our Squid Games - New Survival Challenge

In-app games include red light, green light, honey candy, pull the rope, marble, graduated glass stones, squid game

Finish or die! Winner takes all!

The real game is the squid game! Will you accept the invitation? The game is about to begin!

Follow the instructions to reach the game finish line quickly.

Don't get disqualified or die! The winner has it all!

Follow your professor's head movements!

join the Squid game now! Be the last survivor and earn gold coins in this challenging game. Start your challenge now!

You can earn 45.6 billion KRW by sticking to fair play. There's only one rule, don't get eliminated.

At any time throughout the squid game a man with a gun will appear and shoot you in this matchmaker ragdoll game. The only way to get out of this hell is to win the squid game - complete the death loop game.

When the green light is on, you will run to the finish line with the other players. When the red light is on, you will need to stop and stand still. Anyone who does not stop will be dealt with. The winner will receive cash (to unlock new accessories) and move on to the next round, which will get harder as players get stronger

Play the game According to the red and green shooting lights, the squid is ready to shoot. Are you a fan of squid games? Your favorite squid game is right here. Beat your opponents in the squid game. Follow the instructions and enjoy the squid game, don't be late unless you die. If you want to win prizes, you will not be excluded from the squid game challenge.

To play this game the best - it depends on your alertness how far you will go in a second chance of life and death. No price is too high for the desperate players of Squid Games, whether they risk their lives to complete this epic survival. Terrifying gameplay delivers strong emotional beats after each thrilling round of climax.


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How To Play

Focus on game music .... Red light, green light game mode.

Crazy fun elimination game,fun endless game

Easy to play,great time killer

When the green light is on, you will run to the finish line with the other players. Once the red light is on, you will need to stop and remain stationary. Anyone who does not stop will be eliminated. The winner will win cash (to unlock new accessories) and move on to the next round, which gets harder and harder as tougher players get tougher.

Squid game challenge for Android. Play survival minigames to win.

Play free squid games: challenge your favorite numbers 001, 067, 218, 456, 212.

You have to survive at all costs in the midst of this desperate game in which only the most skilled survive. If you like this episode and want to be comfortable at home and try the challenges involved, then this fun adventure will have you playing traffic lights for hours on end.

The only thing you need to know to survive among the challenges is that a scary doll will kill you if she sees you move. So, every time you see a red light, the doll will face forward and you need to stop, and if it's green, it means you can start running forward until the doll's next move.

Among the status bar at the top, you can see the lights, and the number of players who survived. You can't take your eyes off the doll for a moment, as well as the color of the lights, otherwise you'll be eliminated immediately. To make a move, simply move forward and stop when you need to. If you stop a little late, you will be killed.


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