Disney Getaway Blast
Disney Getaway Blast
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OS: IOS AndroId

Version: 1.9.2

Updated: May 27, 2021

Size: 243.75MB

Developer: Gameloft SE

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Get your passport stamped and get away with cute Disney and Pixar princesses, heroes and villains! Embark on a magical quest to match and eliminate bubbles, solve puzzles, make new friends in a new and exciting style, and add them to your collection of characters.

Meet adorable Disney and Pixar characters!

Disney and Pixar characters will help you burst bubbles and solve puzzles in this adventure. Design islands in adorable Disney style as you burst bubbles and make progress in your quest!

Solve special puzzles and capture the sweetness!

You'll blow up all the puzzles and bubbles with their unique skills! Pop bubbles and find sweet moments to meet Disney and Pixar characters in a charming art style. Ready to add Stitch from Lilo and Stitch, Elsa from Frozen, Disney princesses like Belle or Disney villains like Malficent to your collection? This trippy story of puzzles awaits you!

Design a Disney home in a lovely artistic style!

These vacation islands could use a Disney touch! Restore the islands and design them in a new, quirky Disney style for the Disney and Pixar characters in your collection. Collect charming Disney and Pixar characters like Minnie Mouse, Mrs. Incredible or Princess Jasmine and build the perfect vacation home for them on this holiday adventure.

Share your favorite memories!

Collect Disney and Pixar characters, then take and share a cute picture! Capture the adventure and charming art style of Disney and Pixar characters in a photo and add it to your collection! Enjoy the magic of Disney, the fun story and the adorable art in this trippy puzzle adventure game.

Relax and have fun with Disney and Pixar characters!

Match and burst bubbles, solve puzzles, collect adorable Disney and Pixar princesses, heroes and villains to make your island unique and design them in Disney style! Enjoy the magical story and adventure of this trippy puzzle game!


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How To Play

Find and collect the cute and quirky Disney & Pixar keychain characters in Disney Getaway Blast as they all come back to life to restore and rebuild a charming vacation paradise.


Take a tropical vacation, a frozen adventure, an underwater adventure and more. You can enjoy them whenever and wherever you want!


- Collect many Disney and Pixar characters and get ready to have a blast!

- Unlock amazing abilities like Aladdin's lamp and Elsa's freezing magic.

- Beat hundreds of puzzles with bursting cubes and screen-shattering reinforcement props!

- Craft powerful boosters to match and pass challenges!

- Create and transform charming vacation spots!

- Take photos of OMG moments to fill your magical photo album and bring your paradise to life!

- Enjoy matching games on the custom islands you create!

The perfect title for Disney game fans, Trivial Pursuit, Toy Story, Frozen, Aladdin, Mickey Mouse, matching games and those who love to solve puzzles!

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