Toca Life: Hospital
Toca Life: Hospital
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OS: IOS AndroId

Version: 1.2

Updated: October 7, 2020

Size: 355.40 MB

Developer: Toca Boca AB

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Experience the excitement of a busy medical center at Toca Life: Hospital! Welcoming new babies into the world, treating patients, and even saying goodbye to loved ones, Toca Life: Hospital is a place where you can interpret the joys and pains of life in your own way.

TOCA LIFE: HOSPITAL is a five-story virtual toy house located in a hospital setting. With over 30 characters of different ages, races and even species, kids can create any scenario in their heads. Each floor of the hospital has a different theme. On the lower floors, there is an ambulance bay and maintenance area where kids can dress staff, find cleaning supplies, store items in lockers, do laundry and interact with robots. On the main floor, children can find the emergency room, cafeteria and ATM. On the first floor, there is a radiology department with X-rays and MRIs, as well as surgery. The second floor has pediatrics, with toys and colorful walls, and a nursery with maternity clothes, ultrasounds and lots of babies. The third floor appears to be a family long-term care area. There are many patient rooms, a space for families to stay overnight, a lounge, and a fox in the glass-walled atrium. In addition to the setup, there are plenty of props available for each level. Because there is so much to do in each space, children can spend hours and never repeat an activity. Children who like to tell stories can record about two minutes of animated play, including their own voices to save to the device.

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How To Play

There are so many rooms and objects to explore in this virtual hospital that young children may actually be overwhelmed but experience the circle of life from the very beginning!

Welcoming a new baby into the world can be a little scary, but it's also very exciting! Share that excitement as we welcome a new baby into Toca Life! Family members and medical staff can love and care for these little swaddled cuties.

Sometimes sad moments happen in the hospital, too, and Toca Life: Hospital's Farewell Room gives loved ones the opportunity to say goodbye in a peaceful setting.

And everything in betweenToca Life: Hospital lets you tell fictional or true stories about exams, X-rays and all the everyday things that happen in a hospital.

Explore the five floors of the unit

In the basement, pull the siren on the ambulance in the garage or crack the code on the mystery machine to open the door to the secret lab! On the entrance floor, check in at the reception and take a seat in the waiting area or enjoy a snack from the café. The treatment rooms have tools for diagnosing patients, labs for examining specimens and operating rooms. The Family Care floor has a dedicated unit for children and an obstetrics unit with ultrasound machine, cribs and newborns! Patients on the general care floor can visit the tranquil garden and reflect on life. When a loved one dies, say your final goodbyes in the farewell room.

- Explore five floors: basement, main entrance, lab and therapy, home care and general care.

- Move characters from floor to floor in the grand elevator.

- Baby on the way? Use the ultrasound machine on the right patient!

- Wow, a newborn: welcome baby to the world!

- Use the CAT scan machine (ours has cat ears!) and x-ray machine to diagnose patients!

- Check the vitals of surgical patients on the medical monitor.

- Use all the tools found in real hospitals: gurneys, bandages, crutches, hospital beds, wheelchairs, and more!

- Crack the code on the mysterious machine and explore the secret lab!

- Find peace and say goodbye to your loved ones in the farewell room.

- Set the tone for your story with just the right music, from dramatic hospital themes to relaxing, soothing tunes.


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