Giant squid
Giant squid
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OS: AndroId

Version: 1.0.18

Updated: October 13, 2021

Size: 49MB

Developer: salty water

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Giant squid casual puzzle game

For thousands of years, the ancestors of giant squid were food for sperm whales ......

Now it's time for revenge!

Become a giant squid and eat all the fish in the sea, from plankton to whales!

And more importantly, learn to protect yourself!

Beautiful graphics as well as beautiful music effects, and innovative from the generation, the game scene is not only underwater, but also elevated to the surface of the water

The game screen depicts the game scene in the deep sea, the picture scene is very beautifully carved.

Underwater coral, shells, shipwrecks, floating water bubbles are translucent, the scene produces a real feeling of entering the deep sea.

Look at the bottom of the sea a fierce fish, as a small fish you know what to do, yes, this is a place of the weak and the strong, take out your courage, will eat themselves from childhood to adulthood. Each fish has a very nasty expression.


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How To Play

The background of the game is a lively underwater world, in which is a place of the underdog, where there are all kinds of seafood of different colors and sizes, as well as fierce piranhas. In this underwater world, you can eat smaller fish than yourself, and piranhas can eat fresh fish and are preparing to start a crazy fish-eating contest. The game proceeds in no particular order.

Game at the beginning you are just a small squid, only constantly eat smaller fish than you, in order to grow into a big oh, with the progress of the game, after the emergence of a variety of seafood, and the horror of the shark, and eat some fish will also have a different reaction oh, gold fish can quickly grow after eating, poisonous fish will lose control after eating, etc., but also use a variety of props to achieve victory.

Eat and grow!

If you get close to your prey, it will automatically eat it.

When you reach your target weight, you upgrade. 2.

 Eat more!

By collecting coins, you can unlock new food and increase the number of spawned eggs.

Improve your stats by breeding!

Squid can reproduce by collecting DNA.

When a generation is increased by reproduction, the level resets. But there are speed, weight and coin bonuses.

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