Squid games 3D
Squid games 3D
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OS: AndroId

Version: 1.0

Updated: November 2, 2021

Size: 28MB

Developer: Reed Pro

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Everyone has heard about the terrible series of squid games.

Wow! A game of squid games! Will you accept the invitation? The game is about to start!

- Red light (stop), green light (run)

How to play the squid game Red light, green light.

The squid game is easy to play, just run with your finger when the green light is on.

Squid Game is a challenging and competitive game that allows the audience to complete tasks.

Follow the instructions to enjoy this squid game.

Squid survival shooting game has red light, green light and other games. Don't miss the last squid survival game which is a real roller coaster. In this squid game - new survival challenge, a man with a gun will appear at any time throughout the squid survival game to kill you in this matchmaker ragdoll game. The only way to get out of this hell is to win the squid survival game.

So what are you waiting for? join Squid game and challenge your friends.

Will you accept the invitation? The game will start soon!

Happy and immersive world where your creativity and imagination can go crazy with some of your best friends, this is not a green light red light game and...

This is a very interesting multiplayer adventure game, choose the battle royale handicap way.

Using Korean popular TV series rewritten, mobile game information and its gameplay is very much.

Relatively highly restored film and television production within the scenario, many different animated scenes terrain map waiting for you to explore.

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How To Play

You need to move very carefully and stop when the red light is on in front of you. Those who don't have time are eliminated. How to play the doll squid game, follow the red and green lights when the green light is on. Stop immediately when the red light is on and reach the winning point in the given time.

You have to survive at all costs in the middle of this desperate game in which only the most skilled can survive. If you like this episode and want to get comfortable at home and try the challenges involved, then this fun adventure will have you playing traffic lights for hours on end.

The only thing you need to know to survive among the challenges is that a scary doll will kill you if she sees you move. So, every time you see a red light, the doll will face forward and you need to stop, and if it's green, it means you can start running forward until the doll's next move.

Squid Survival and Challenge

Enjoy the fun of this squid game which is a challenge to complete the levels and win over your competitors. Squid Survival is a red light and green light game. In the first level you need to focus on red and green lights and space to focus on the game music and doll rotation. In the second level of the squid survival challenge game, you need to cut off the outside of shapes like triangles, circles and rectangles within the given time. The third level is rope stretching where you need to go all out with your team to win this game. In the fourth level of Squid game, there is a glass bridge of two types where you need to cross the bridge with the right glass and save yourself in order to come down safely and reach the winning point.

So what are you waiting for? join the Squid game and challenge your friends.


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