Squid Game : Candy Cookies
Squid Game : Candy Cookies
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OS: AndroId

Version: 0.2.2

Updated: November 5, 2021

Size: 22MB

Developer: PolloSoft & AkraSoft

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Special Halloween Levels!!! Will you get them?

Candy Cookies Game Challenge, Squid Games, is a realistic survival game simulation.

The game is an adaptation of the horror Korean drama Squid Games set in an anti-utopian world with violent and gory scenes that caused quite a stir. But it made people curious about the cookie with a shape in the middle. Contestants must break the shape without destroying it. If they did, they won. If they don't, well, it's a tough conversation I won't be having anytime soon, starting with the contestants choosing any of the triangle, circle, star, or umbrella shapes without knowing the game, after which each will receive a piece of ponzu covered with the corresponding pattern. The contestant will be shot on the spot if the pattern is broken or not finished on time.

It's a desperate game to survive at all costs, and only the most skilled survive in it. If you like this episode and want to get comfortable at home and try the challenges in it.


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How To Play

To survive among the challenges, as player 456, use the pointer, drag your finger around the screen and try to follow the outline of the graphics until the bar is completed and survived. You need to decide which item you want to draw: a circle, a star, an umbrella or a triangle. After making your decision, you only have one chance to successfully carve the shape of your choice, if your finger is loose, you're dead. Remember, there is a time limit.

Very interesting levels, the player can only survive by passing all levels, the game play is very exciting and eliminating other players to become the last survivor can be a great reward!

All the games may give the user a lot of interesting ways.

Many different ways of playing will produce many interesting sensations.

Each style of play will only produce one final winner.

Different difficulty modes give the player the freedom to choose and perform various actions by tapping the screen.

The plot is as cartoonish as the TV series, giving a comfortable experience.

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