Squid Game 3D Survival Horror
Squid Game 3D Survival Horror
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OS: AndroId

Version: 3

Updated: October 27, 2021

Size: 32MB

Developer: Dodge Studios

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Squid Game 3D - Survival Mode is a fun training program that adapts some of the trials from the popular Squid game from Netflix into a video game format.

Finish or die! Winner takes all!

Welcome to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Try your best in the Squid Game challenge.

Are you short of money?

You can earn 45.6 billion KRW by sticking to fair play. There's only one rule, don't get eliminated.

Remember our card? Call us now. Challenging our childish game tournaments can be fun, but the stakes are deadly.

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How To Play

As soon as you open Squid Game 3D - Survival Mode, you will see the test from the current TV series. But at the very beginning there is only one playable, the others are not gradually unlocked until you have earned a certain number of medals. The first playable test is Red Light. Just like in the TV show, players need to get to the end of the line before time runs out, and remember that you can only move forward in the time it takes for the light to turn from green to red, and any player who is still moving after the red light will be shot. Of course, every time you die.

After you pass the first test 5 or 6 times, there will be enough medals to unlock a new game. However, there are some games that will require more medals than others. So, other unlockable games include Glass Bridge, Russian Roulette, Tug of War, Bouncing Pirates, and more.

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