Squid Game 3D
Squid Game 3D
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OS: AndroId

Version: 3.1

Updated: November 2, 2021

Size: 27MB

Developer: N give up N

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You have some debts and this seems to be your only way out.

Play fair and don't break any rules or you will be "eliminated".

It is highly recommended that you form alliances to survive the halftime night in order to win the game.

In the game's setting all players are poor and want money to pay for their future and present life. When she stops saying red light, all players should stop. There is an old grandpa who won the squid master and money to run 3d. all players who complete the task and earn money can run 3d and they will have a lot of money in their life.

Escape the Squid game is not just a normal survival game. In this squid game version, you must use your brain and instinctive skills to win the game! With multiple levels, we offer you an endless gaming experience that won't leave you bored!

These challenges include playground games such as Red Light, Green Light or War Wrench, where only the consequences of failure are fatal.

Those players who move at red light spots will be terminated. And if you do not complete the task within the given time, then you will be eliminated from the Squid Master Challenge. The green light point allows you to run down from the tree. Keep going to protect yourself from the Hair Race Challenge and the Arrow Festival. Terminated Squid players will not be able to perform any tasks.


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How To Play

Squid Game 3D Shooting game featuring games like Red Light and Green Light. Be sure not to miss the chance to play the last Squid Survival game, which is a real roller coaster. In this Squid Games - the latest survival game challenge, a man with a gun will appear at any time to kill you in this matchmaker ragdoll game and battlefield. The only way to appear in the underworld is to win the squid game.

This game is like squid match with the addition of conflict game, just run 3d for the money run 3d, if you move at the red light point then you will be terminated.

Terminated players will be eliminated from the game as the squid masters challenge those who run the red light.

With many tasks to perform, this is the time for the Squid Masters to challenge themselves. The body race has many haste and obstacles. Don't let anyone build your hair game run! Ever she green light in squid master racing game, whether you are a survival game or squid master challenge fan! If you complete all tasks without eliminating any tasks, then you will win.

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