Realm Defense
Realm Defense
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OS: IOS AndroId

Version: 2.7.2

Updated: October 24, 2021

Size: 353.25MB

Developer: Babeltime Inc. US

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Extra! Extra! This is a tower defense game masterpiece for true fans.

The forces of evil are building up. Where are they coming from? And where are they going? No one knows. Life and its purpose mean nothing to these demons. The fields are rotting. The forests are burning. Ordinary people are suffering. Destruction is about to happen!

Challenging even for seasoned veterans. Use a range of energy and magic to destroy wave after wave of enemy threats in over 100 levels. Travel through dense forests and ice-covered mountains to defeat hordes of slime monsters, goblins, skeletons and more.

Calling all strategic tower defenses! Defend the kingdom together!

Will you help our heroes save turrets and towers from invasion? Are you capable of engaging in domain defense?

This real-time Kingdom Rush castle defense game needs your help to fight and conquer! We need your skills to defend the tower - the allies have only one choice in this TD game: defend, defend, and defend again! Battle death knights in our magical realm of fantasy adventure, and fight alongside dragons, wizards, ice queens, knights and other ancient gods! Earn gems, potions, elixirs of immortality and even spells as you strive to become a champion and a hero! Are you ready to save the kingdom and become the best kingdom grinder there is?

Realm Defense is the ultimate tower kingdom defense game, use our huge variety of powers and abilities to overcome obstacles in over 300 levels. Join our Kingdom Rush frontier as you traverse dense forests, snow-covered mountains and epic deserts, all while using your strategy against the enemy! The possibilities are endless - you'll oversee building a team of heroes, discovering secret challenges, and upgrading your towers!

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How To Play

Realm Defense is a classic tower defense game. In the game, your goal is to set up different defensive towers that will help you defeat the enemies, which are numerous in number. The more you advance, the more enemies you need to destroy.

The gameplay is very traditional, each time you destroy an enemy you earn coins which can be used to buy more defensive towers or upgrade those you have already built. However, if your enemy dodges your attack and reaches the end of the road, then the game is over.

Realm Defense has more than 40 levels in different scenarios. In these levels, you need to destroy a lot of different monsters with strong and weak points, to ensure that you can find their type. Fortunately, you have the skills reserved for defense towers.

Deploy rapid-fire archers! Carve walls on the map with magic beams! Flame-roaring cannons! Call on allies! Realm Defense offers variety and challenge. Overcome incredible odds with strategy and ingenuity! Save helpless villagers, collect vital resources, and recruit legendary heroes with deadly abilities along the way to stop evil in this brilliant tower defense game.

Realm Defense is a wonderful tower defense game with tons of levels, enemies and defense towers.


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