My Talking Angela
My Talking Angela
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OS: IOS AndroId Windows

Version: 5.2.3

Updated: June 9, 2021

Size: 523.05MB

Developer: Outfit7 Limited

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Talking Angela is a virtual pet that the whole family can enjoy!

Hello there! I'm Angela and I'm not into technology like Tom and the others - I'm a singer and one day I'll be a big star! I already dress like one - fashion is my middle name. I like to hang out with these guys, even if they push me up against the wall from time to time! After all, there's only so much craziness a girl can take!

Explore the fascinating world of I Can Talk Angela! Adopt Angela as your own virtual pet and give her a wonderful life! From kitten to kitten, she is in your care. Dress up Angela in the latest fashions, make her home beautiful, and feed her delicious treats. You can play games together, collect cool stickers and have lots of fun. Make Angela a superstar of your own!

Take care of her as she grows into a beautiful and healthy cat lady! Give her a bath, decorate her home and feed her delicious food

Make friends with her, play cool mini games and solve puzzles! Buy the perfect clothes and shoes and give her a stylish makeover by matching her outfit to her cute hair and makeup

Choose her place: Pick a favorite spot for Angela's home, you have plenty of options and can customize the view you can enjoy from her awesome patio.

It's also a great place to learn cool dance moves and get new favorite songs.

There's never a dull moment with them. I always get caught up in one of their weird schemes, but it's always okay in the end! You'll love how ...... enthusiastic they are!




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How To Play

- Players can bathe her, decorate her home, and feed her delicious treats.

- Angela has a variety of mini-games designed to test skills, reflexes and puzzle solving abilities.

- Players can collect fashion stickers to collect and swap with other players.

- Angela can choose from a wide selection of fashion items for unique outfits, including dresses, shoes and makeup. Get a new makeover anytime!

- She can even learn cool dance steps to her favorite songs. Whether it's ballet, K-pop or disco - Angela takes to the stage and works her magic!


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