Murder in the Alps
Murder in the Alps
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OS: IOS AndroId

Version: 6.2

Updated: March 23rd, 2021

Size: 153.84 MB

Developer: Nordcurrent UAB

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Murder in the Alps is a game like no other. It is a fully interactive crime novel with amazing hidden object gameplay features.

Step back in time to the 1930s, solve countless mysteries and experience the adventure in an authentic period atmosphere.

The original story takes place in a hotel that is located in one of the most beautiful places in the Alps.

But things soon take a turn for the worst.

The story begins when a guest goes missing, and soon after other strange events begin to occur.

Anna Myers, a Zurich journalist who is on vacation at the hotel, takes it upon herself to solve the mystery.

With each passing day, the plot becomes more and more complex and Anna must decide which of the ten mysterious characters could be the murderer.

As the game progresses, you will visit many unique locations, from the fresh air of the Alps to the blood-filled depths of the cellar.

Experience immersive gameplay and an intriguing storyline.

Solve incredible puzzles, interact with each ending of each character, and discover that one of them is the twisted killer.

Will you solve the case before the killer catches you and the others?

Are you resourceful enough to figure out all the clues? Can you find the answers to the Alpine murders?

There's only one way to find the answers, so get your magnifying glasses and detective hats ready because this amazing movie-like experience awaits you! Intriguing storyline with unexpected twists and turns - hours of interactive gameplay and exciting plots!

Filled with characters with fascinating personalities and dark secrets! Interact with them all and find out who the killer is! Gorgeous graphics, stunning animations and beautifully illustrated comics to enhance the storyline! Explore each picturesque location and setting - experience the authentic 1930s atmosphere!

Fascinating music, great sound effects and fully voiced characters! Built-in strategy guides to help you through every step of the game! Every scene is filled with collectibles, so don't be afraid to look around and find them! Many unique achievements, some easy to earn, others requiring great skill!

Amazing mini-games, hidden object scenes, and more! This game will keep you on your toes!


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How To Play

Murder In Alps is an adventure and puzzle game. In the game, you help Anna, a young German girl who has just returned to the Alps, to spend the winter just like every year. However, this time something happens that nobody could have foreseen.

Murder In Alps starts with Otto welcoming Anna to his hotel. After tea by the fire, Otto explains to Anna the strange things that have happened in the last few days: the disappearing keys, the shifting location of the client's belongings, the disappearing photo collection. In the beginning of these puzzles you need to help Otto find the missing items, but later you will see that they have just shifted. In the beginning of these tasks, you will master some of the basic mechanics of the game.

Each item you find is there for a reason: they are clues or elements that you must collect in order to solve the puzzle. However, as you progress through the story, you'll discover that, in fact, nothing here is quite normal. Your task is to discover the truth behind the mystery and solve this huge puzzle.

With each new day the plot gets more and more complex, and Anna must decide which of the ten mysterious characters might be the killer.

As the game progresses, you will visit many unique places, from the airy beauty of the Alps to the blood-filled depths of the cellars. Here you will need to carry out a search for various clues to deduce and solve the mystery to find the final culprit.

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