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OS: IOS AndroId Windows

Version: 4.3.0

Updated: February 3, 2021

Size: 297.18M

Developer: Playrix

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Welcome to Homescapes, solving triple elimination puzzles, a simulation game based on puzzle elimination with elements of management and raising, and rebuilding a wonderful mansion on a verdant street. The exciting adventure begins at home!

This is an elimination game that builds mansions.

Puzzle elimination: Slide to form three or more identical blocks to eliminate them!

House management: collect stars by eliminating to get resources and decorate the mansion according to your preference!

Cute pets: dream home must have cats!

Renovate and decorate rooms in the mansion with colorful triple elimination levels, unlocking more chapters in the exciting family story along the way! What are you waiting for? Feel free to do as you please, just like in your own home!


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How To Play


这里有一些提示。Homescapes is a three-drop puzzle game whose core gameplay involves swapping two adjacent elements to create a row or column containing at least three elements. Players can acquire useful props and activate them by double-clicking on them or switching between other elements.

Austin the butler returns to his childhood home only to find it in ruins and that his parents are considering selling the mansion. To stop them, Austin sets out to restore the house. He also makes new friends, and in the process reconnects with old friends. Austin restored all 11 areas of the mansion. They are: Austin's bedroom, the main room, the kitchen, the garden, the living room, the garage, the party room, the library, the guest wing, the recreation room and the boathouse.

After refurbishing the house, Austin bought a lake house and restored ten areas: the lodge hall, the camp, the workshop, the bakery, the dock house, the miracle house, the lighthouse, the farm, the rock house and the gym.

Shortly after restoring the lake house, Austin received a letter from his uncle asking him to visit him at his lodge. Even though his parents refused to let him come visit, Austin went anyway. While there, Austin restored Throne Hall, the Left Wing, and Mineral Springs.是优先完成目标消除对象,无法消除时才考虑炸弹或功能道具的消耗。小飞机、水平/垂直火箭、地毯清洁等功能性道具尤为重要!当然运气也很重要。欧洲能量满了就可以马上过关。这里的爱情价值不是物质价值。成功通过关卡不扣分;星星越多,可以建造的家具越多!对于金币的消耗,还是用爱心值去争取更多的机会,建议在只剩下1、2个障碍的时候消耗金币,5步之内一定能完成;爱值的消耗适合时间玩家,别着急,慢慢来,其实消消游戏真的很休闲,不玩的时候也不会错过。我玩的时候觉得很有趣。很容易沉迷其中。这真的是一次美妙的体验。


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