Granny: Chapter Two
Granny: Chapter Two
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OS: IOS AndroId

Version: 1.1.10

Updated: January 20, 2021

Size: 270.75MB

Developer: Dennis Vukanovic

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This time Grandma and Grandpa locked you in his house.

To survive you must try to leave his house, but carefully and quietly. Grandma hears everything as usual. Grandpa can't hear very well, but he hits hard.

If you drop something on the floor, Grandma will hear it and come running.

You can hide in the closet or under the bed.

You have 5 days.

Granny Chapter Two game is a game where you need to escape from the grandmother and grandfather teamed up to hunt, the game players will face two people, they join forces after the power is very strong, there is almost no dead end appear, as long as there is a little mistake will be caught, want to come to abuse, want to experience this dangerous feeling, come here to try and will know what desperation is.

The second part is the latest sequel, more difficult than the previous work, facing the pursuit of two people, of which the grandfather's ability to harm is very large; grandmother's ability to distinguish the location is also more prominent, a little movement will be found, the use of props to find their own; along the way to face the crisis things are very much, the room layout is relatively simple, suitable for hiding is only the bottom of the bed with the cabinet.

The game revolves around the plot of the game, full of horror atmosphere, super evil and bloody enemies waiting for you to throw themselves into the net.

Chilling background music, a lot of wonderful game operation, different ways to play to make you excited, strategic tactics can increase the survival rate.

A variety of props can help you solve puzzles and also defend yourself against attacks to get a chance to quickly avoid enemy attacks.

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How To Play

A horror adventure puzzle game, open the brain to carefully explore the surrounding, if found it does not matter, as long as not yet caught there is hope, and the enemy to keep a distance can successfully survive.

Note that do not go into a dead end Oh, there is no road ahead of the protagonist can only be captured in despair.

There are many doors inside the room separated by areas, from these doors to get out of the surroundings, flexible positioning to avoid being chased

Each room will be laid out in many traps, can not appear a little accidental situation, make accurate judgment is very important.

Two opponents appear need to do a good job of preparation, the difficulty of escape will continue to increase, to face all kinds of difficulties.

Each level has a breakthrough point, you need to find the right opportunity to escape without the attention of grandparents.

The scenes that appear here or there are frightening and scary, and it takes a lot of energy to get out of this area and make the right judgment.

Each hidden place hides the right clues to find in order to give the right judgment and achieve the ultimate goal.

All along the way is the sense of crisis out around, careful observation of the situation will be able to find clues, escape from here is not a dream.


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