Diablo Immortal
Diablo Immortal
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OS: IOS AndroId

Version: 1.4.886633

Updated: May 27, 2022

Size: 3.5GB

Developer: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

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Hellish cataclysm strikes again, the Necromancer's first expedition, challenging new trials, competing in the epic battle of immortality, in Diablo Immortal the game to reap the rewards, to win the difficult challenges, the game's world stone, is the source of the power of creation and the eternal war, this stone invites the ancient demons, from heaven, down to hell.

The game of the world's stone, is the creation of the power of the book is also the source of eternal warfare, this stone invites the ancient demons, up to heaven, down to hell, our desire to control this power polluted its nature, for this reason, with the cost of life to destroy it, but its decay spread ......

This game also creates a new story plot for cell phones, and also adds many new gameplay, such as: PVP, 48 people mega group combat, treasure trove guard battle and other new gameplay, for players who like Diablo, this game definitely does not lose content and sentiment of both mobile games, but you will meet with some familiar faces throughout the plot.

The core of this game is that you need to stop the evil army to achieve their purpose, you will find six professions inside the game are barbarians, mages, demon hunters, martial monks, holy army, Holy Spirit mage, where the last Holy Spirit mage is a new addition, each character has their own unique abilities, and each character contains four abilities unique to each character.

From the game's picture quality is the classic dark style, the picture quality may not be particularly outstanding, in terms of combat general RPG type of game generally need to upgrade to fight monsters, by constantly fighting monsters upgrade to get new skills so that you have exciting battle scenes, the game is diverse, anytime, anywhere experience adventure, the game's plot is also interesting, in terms of role, you can choose according to their Experience to choose the hero you want to control, now join the game to experience it.

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How To Play

This game reflects a very free way to carry out the battle in the gameplay, you can explore the dark continent, as well as the freedom to choose the main task and side quests, so that you are not limited in the game, you can completely experience the world of the game in their own way, you can choose to communicate with the game NPCs to learn more about the story of the game, of course, you can also carry out a cool battle, then you You will need to pick up some quests and enjoy the fun of fighting while completing them.

The game contains many aspects of the role-playing genre, focusing on combat and exploration, the main objective of the game is to disturb the demons on earth and send them back to hell, you can choose any character in the game to participate in gladiatorial fights and complete regular bounties to gain experience and equipment.

Some characters in the game are melee attackers, which can cause more damage to enemies when they are close to them, and their ability to attack enemies at short distances, while some characters rely on physical damage to cause damage to enemies, and some characters need to maintain a certain distance and attack them with long-range spells. The creation of a variety of ways to play, that is to say, each role has a role of the long out and short out, how to choose the role to participate in the battle which requires you to target the game to choose.

The game team cooperation is more important than individual combat strength, of course, the operation is also very important a link to participate in the game to save the world, defeat the devil, choose your game, pick up your weapons, participate in the battle to save the world.

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