Destiny Run
Destiny Run
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OS: IOS AndroId

Version: 1.6

Updated: October 19, 2021

Size: 445.26MB

Developer: Voodoo

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Destiny Run is a parkour breakthrough game, players can control angels or demons in the game, choose the scene for parkour, the game has a very large number of traps and obstacles, collect the props on the road to help you pass the level.

Choose your destiny and make your life choices. Be an angel or a demon!

Then go to heaven! Or go to hell! It's your destiny! So are you a good person or a naughty person?

The divine decision is now in your hands. Use it wisely!

This is the runner of your life and after that! Where will you go in the afterlife? You will find it in this game!

This is your Judgment Day, and the Gods will judge your choices. Your soul will find its place!

Become a celebrity or a student, an impostor or a doctor, rich or poor; it doesn't matter to them! There is only one important judgment: mercy or evil.

Simple game graphics design style, independent and innovative game mode selection, brings you a lot of unexpected surprises challenge.

Collect a large number of hair fragments, on the other hand to protect their current hair, this is important for success and failure.

In different game scenarios, you have a variety of different jobs you want you to carry out to carry out.

Can all succeed in passing, you only have to rely on their own smooth operation methods and faster reflexes.

Blending different game methods will result in a different kind of game gain yo.

And here each player can also master more interesting content and skills, you can constantly open the mode that suits you here, the rich gameplay will also bring you a different kind of wonderful.

Decide your own fate, feel the new map adventure, the challenge here is very exciting!

Interesting action parkour game can be played at any time, a game of easy challenge, quickly reach the end of the line!

Show your skills to break through the new test, a variety of levels waiting for you to play!

Divine justice calls to you!

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How To Play

Destiny Run is a casual game in which you will be in charge of guiding the destiny of a girl after her death. In order to be able to cross the gates to heaven or hell, you need to collect all the items you find along the way. By doing so, you will reach the final verdict with the best guarantee of joining one of the two sides.


To guide your character's steps, you simply swipe left or right on the screen. This will allow you to wander through each area of the scene looking for the elements needed to evolve into an angel or demon. You can see your goal at the top of the screen so you don't forget which side you want to transition to.


As your journey progresses, you'll also find a variety of portals with different actions. Depending on whether your challenge is to become an angel or a demon, you'll need to cross one or another archway so you don't lose progress.


Destiny Run has an easy to manage gameplay that will allow you to help this girl become the form she needs to be. Once you reach the gates of heaven, you will be judged by two people who will consider your progress and decide if you can cross over to the side.


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