CyberSphere: Online Action
CyberSphere: Online Action
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OS: IOS AndroId

Version: 1.5.9

Updated: April 24, 2021

Size: 161.21MB

Developer: Kisunja - Free Shooting Games

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The invasion began 54 years ago. They came from nowhere, and their robot army destroyed our defenses in a week, but we didn't surrender.

We fought, we studied the enemy, and we began to win. It is now 2077 and we are ready to stop this war.

We have super-powered and explosive weapons.

We have used some alien technology to create our own battle droids and powered armor for our soldiers.

We have plans to stop the invasion. All we need is you!

 Tools of Destruction - Armory of over 30 powerful weapons

Versatility - You can control your heroes using dual joysticks or third-person mode. Gamepad support!

 Team up - Multi-platform online multiplayer - play with friends around the world via the internet.

Use Tactics - Choose from 16 AI-controlled minions to attack, protect or support.

Customize - with many characters, weapons and skins. The stark beauty of a futuristic world - Vivid 3D graphics that look great and run well even on older phones, shoot to kill - insanely fast gameplay!

Different missions and difficulty challenges, players will go alone to adventure, and the enemy for exciting combat, and a new multiplayer network team play, the game operation is rich in content, more Battle Royale PVP exciting mode challenge Come and try it!


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How To Play

Use your deadly and diverse firearms, missiles, energy weapons, and support combat drones to destroy the enemy. You can fight alone or team up with other pilots in the new multiplayer co-op mode!

Block the enemies advancing on the planet. Use weapons, such as guns, missiles, energy weapons, drones, etc. to destroy your enemies.

You can fight alone or join forces and fight with other players in the new online multiplayer mode.

Online cyber robot game! Twin Stick Deathmatch Multiplayer - Play with friends or gamers from around the world. Humanity is at war and under attack from aliens, robots and cyborgs! Choose your armor and weapons and manage the combat unit "Cyberball" to protect the base from the advancing enemies from the planet. Use an armory of guns, missiles, energy weapons, support drones, camouflage and explosions to destroy the enemy. You can fight alone or team up to kill with other pilots on the battlefield in the new online multiplayer mode!

Cross-platform multiplayer online: deathmatch, defense, and attack modes.

Survival - Stay alive and kill as many robots as you can!

Defend - Protect your base from hordes of enemy units

Assault - Destroy the enemy mothership, don't let destroy yours!

Team Assault - 2 teams, 2 bases, 8 players.

Deathmatch - All modes of the classic for free.

Team Deathmatch - Become the strongest squad!


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