Zombie Tsunami
Zombie Tsunami
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OS: IOS AndroId

Version: 4.5.2

Updated: October 21, 2021

Size: 215.3 MB

Developer: Mobigame S.A.R.L.

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Zombie Tsunami game is the players are familiar with the zombie screaming game, players in this game can control the zombie to challenge, at the same time the game there are different zombies for players to choose, in each level players can swallow the way to grow their zombies, play very interesting, and the operation of this game are very simple, no The game's operation is very simple, without any difficulty. The most attractive highlight of the game is that it overturns the clichéd thinking of humans dodging zombies, and differs from traditional single-player parkour games in that players are no longer limited to one character, but control a huge number of zombie legions running wild together! The game incorporates a lot of popular elements, cool super power transformations, imaginative props and shapes, strange design of collecting human brains, creative gameplay, novel content, making running faster, more exciting and more exciting!

In this there are various different types of zombies, each with different functions, such as ninja zombies will jump.

This is the zombie run game, players need to control their hands of the zombie to avoid a variety of game obstacles to reach the end.

Players need to keep eating humans inside in order to make their team keep becoming and eventually survive.

In this there are very wonderful scenes map, players will be in a variety of different scenes adventure, can unlock different scenes.

Rich scenes, unlocked at will! -Have you been to the romantic Turkey? Have you been to Egypt and Paris? Have you been to Egypt and Paris? Have you been to Mount Rushmore? There are so many rich maps waiting for you to unlock, travel around the world together!

Cool transformations. -You can transform into a flying ninja, a Chinese dragon with clouds and fog, and a sea of peculiar shapes that can be easily mastered by zombies.

Props in hand, the human brain not worry! -A thousand strange props can make your brothers more, run farther, more gold! The higher the level of the props, the stronger the ability, the more bonuses, the farther you can run!


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How To Play

Zombie Tsunami is an endless running game in which players need to control a group of zombies to run continuously. But it is important to note that the number of zombies you have depends on the number of zombies eaten.

Players can click on the screen to jump, there are long press the big jump and click the small jump, in the endless running, you will encounter which individual people, you can easily catch them to grow their own team. But at the same time you also need to prevent different obstacles such as cars, buses, etc., because you need to make sure that the number of zombies in your team.

For example a car may require 4 zombies from your zombie group, if you have more than 4 zombies then you can choose to avoid or reduce the number of zombies by 4 or you will fail.

In addition, the game also has the possibility to upgrade the zombie swarm ability to become ninja zombies, soccer zombies or dragons.

It is up to you to choose depending on the situation. On the way to run will see some vehicles parked on the road! When the player's current number of zombies is less than the number on the vehicle, please skip! Otherwise you will be killed. Players will see helpless people on the road, then just eat them, you can infect them! Add new zombies to the player's team ~

Of course, along the way, in addition to various ditches to jump over, there are many obstacles to avoid. For example, bombs are in the sky and on the ground, sometimes several side by side at the same time, as well as the front out of the plane car, there will be before the appearance! Tips for players. When these combinations appear players will have to spit blood, the game difficulty is reflected here, a test of the player's ability to reflect, the second test of the player's eyesight if not very encounter will lose a zombie, but will not be all crashed or blown up.

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