Temple Run 2
Temple Run 2
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OS: IOS AndroId

Version: 1.81

Updated: September 7, 2021

Size: 346.76MB

Developer: Imangi Studios, LLC

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The game content and most of the parkour games are very similar, over the obstacles and traps, and constantly dash forward. However, in Temple Run, the player controls an Indiana Jones-like character who escapes from an ancient temple in the rainforest and is chased by a group of monkey-like demon guards in the temple. The character is automatically keep flying forward, and the player needs to control him to avoid the various dangers encountered on the way to escape. But unlike most parkour games, the game does not use the usual 2D landscape graphics, instead of a full 3D third-person perspective.

With the same temple, fresh scenes, the same running, more props, to let the passion never stop. The new version of the new addition of a canoe bridge, chainsaw, fire pit three obstacles, canoe bridge need to keep in the middle of the run, chainsaw and fire pit need to jump through.

Temple Run has redefined mobile gaming. Now experience even more exhilarating running, jumping, turning and sliding in Temple Run 2!

Navigate dangerous cliffs, zip lines, mines and forests as you try to escape with the cursed idol. How far can you run?!

 Beautiful new graphics, gorgeous new organic environments, new obstacles, more power-ups, more achievements, special abilities for each character, bigger monkeys!!!


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How To Play

In every adventure film, there is always a scene where the hero finally gets the treasure but has to navigate through a maze full of traps to get out alive.Temple Run is such a scene.

Climb over ancient temple walls and up cliff faces to test players' reflexes. Swipe to turn, jump, slide to avoid obstacles, collect coins, buy energy and see how far you can run! Through the simple swipe and tilt control, will make the operation feel comfortable and convenient, body both turning, jumping, sliding, tilting a variety of martial arts; to enter the game with 5 different characters, character upgrade, crazy increase energy.

You can also find a variety of new features, such as new obstacles and elements to enhance the ability to ensure that players are always on the alert in the game. In addition, you'll need to use strategy in the game, and it's no longer as simple as running forward as it always has been.

Another interesting feature of the game is that you can choose characters with special abilities, which means that you have more ability to escape, but of course, you need to buy one of them to use.

The picture quality of the whole game is more excellent compared to the previous part, both the game characters and the game scenes are more efficient and excellent.

There is no doubt that this game is such a popular and interesting game, if you are lacking such a game to pass the time, then join it and try it! You won't be disappointed! Let's get out of here together!

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