Squid Game: Challenge
Squid Game: Challenge
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OS: AndroId

Version: 0.3

Updated: June 22, 2022

Size: 74.45MB

Developer: Podscriptom

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Squid game challenge Android version. Is a network of explosive film original adaptation of the breakout category of competitive games, as a salted fish want to enter which turned over to become a master, you need more than just courage and wisdom, many items of skill operation is also required to familiarize yourself with the adaptation, there are various types of survival play must try themselves, the new background music allows you to feel the limit of relaxation state.

Let's have some fun with this squid game! Will you accept the invitation? Waiting for the player to come. The game is about to start! What is your favorite character? Maybe you are the lead singer?

It's important that you not only get involved, but more importantly, that you are good at thinking about what's wrong to make sure you try to be surprised.

Every player can get into it and find their own character niche, there are various goals that you need to achieve.

There are different kinds of tasks and a lot of gameplay for you to get familiar with, and there is also light music for you to completely relax yourself.

You can make a lot of different friends and unlock more modes at the same time, a lot of rich and wonderful challenges to bring you a great surprise.

A large number of various exciting experiences to play, as well as many interesting challenges, can bring you the ultimate surprise.

A lot of mode content, are reference to the movie inside a very fun project, for continuous adaptation.

Round 6 win.

1. red light and green light in the squid game challenge

2. syrup comb in the squid game challenge

3. Tug of war in Squid Game Challenge

4. Marbles in Squid Game Challenge

5. Glass Stepping Stones in Squid Game Challenge

6. Squid Game Challenge and more

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How To Play

The gameplay of "Squid Game Challenge" consists of a game of wooden man, behemoth, tug of war, stepping on rocks and bouncing balls, each level is played exactly according to the plot of the TV series. Each level follows the plot of the TV series. 5 levels are rounds, and the difficulty of each round will gradually increase. In the wooden level, the size of the player's character shrinks as the number of rounds increases; in the ponkan level, the number of rounds directly affects the complexity of the pattern.

Players can only survive if they pass all levels. The gameplay is very exciting, and eliminating other players to become the last survivor can bring you great rewards!

Listen carefully to the instructions and run as fast as you can to the finish line before the time runs out.

You can only move forward when the voice says "green light" and the devil doll has its back to you, but when the "red light" starts, you have to stop moving immediately and stay still or you will be "eliminated! ". You can run, jump, or do whatever it takes to get to the finish line first and then save your life.

Be careful not to get caught by the red light!

All of the games may bring many interesting ways to the user.

Many different styles of games will appear with many interesting sensations.

Each game will produce only one final winner.

Different difficulty modes allow players to choose freely and perform various actions by tapping the screen.

The plot is the same as the TV series, with a cartoon style to create a comfortable experience.

The difficulty level gradually increases, allowing players to enjoy the bloody challenge, and various props will help players.

The game's race process is all exciting, and you'll have to do a good job of controlling several different crises to complete more different races.

Every competitive challenge here is full of surprises, you have to use your strength to participate in different confrontations, and I believe you will have an excellent performance.

In all the key moments of the game, you have to stay calm and focused to better engage in the game.


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