Soul Knight
Soul Knight
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OS: IOS AndroId

Version: 3.3.2

Updated: October 20, 2021

Size: 505.71MB

Developer: ChillyRoom

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"In the age of gunfire, the magic stone that kept the world in balance was stolen by high-tech aliens. The world hangs on a thin thread. It all depends on you retrieving the magic stone ......"

"The world is at stake, time is in the era of sword and magic, the magic stone that maintains the balance of the world was taken away by the alien creatures with high technology, can you retrieve the magic stone to save the world?" The game tells the story of the alien creatures took away the magic stone to maintain the world, players will play the role of knights, assassins and other characters to participate in the game to retrieve the magic stone.

Honestly, we can't keep making this up. Let's shoot some alien minions!

This is the game you've always wanted in your subconscious. Explore dungeons, collect crazy weapons, dodge bullets and shoot them all! Extremely simple and intuitive controls; super smooth and fun gameplay mixed with rogue-like elements.

The game combines unique elements of dungeon exploration to bring you rich and interesting adventure gameplay, a variety of different professions have their own background characteristics, players can change roles at will for combat adventure, play novelty and fun, full of fun.

The use of retro meaning obvious pixel style, combined with a magical rhythm, in general, will give players a full sense of the times. In this atmosphere, in order to highlight the theme of "dungeon adventure", the developers also added a lot of gray tones in the design of the scene. Although the game will appear a lot of combat scenes, but the amusing character image and clever way to deal with all this does not look bloody.

The layout of the scenes and enemies are somewhat randomized to ensure that each challenge is able to give the player a fresh feeling.

The details of the game control is still very simple, we direct the rapid click to move the attack, the main moving skills or better to deal with, we use the joystick in the game to move on the line.

There is a lot of content in this game, but it is very easy to get started, but I have to say that this game can bring players a lot of joy, if you are interested in this game, come here and join it!

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How To Play

Players will play as knights, assassins and other characters to participate in the game to retrieve the magic stone. You will enter the darkest dungeons, using a variety of weapons, against a variety of terrible threats. There are more than 100 types of weapons that you can use to destroy the monsters on the way.

Gameplay is probably Soul Knight's greatest strength. On the left side of the screen is a virtual arrow key for moving the character, and on the right side are some action keys. 'Aiming' is easy, and there's even some automation to help.

As with similar games, the level design is randomly generated and you will never play a duplicate level. In the dungeon, each time you enter a new room, you have to kill all the monsters to move on.

As you continue to play and get gold, you can also buy various upgrade items for your character. At first, it's not easy to stay alive in the dungeon for a little while longer, but as your character's skills continue to improve, you'll be able to perform more and more actions.

Click on the exclamation mark to attack, we directly move to attack, the bullet will be automatic attack, of course, the close range weapons need us to close to attack the enemy.

When attacking we can use skills, of course, also need to pay attention to the enemy's bullet attack. Flexible positioning and rely on a variety of devices to block the bullet can ensure our safety.

Want to pass safely, in the dungeon inside we must pay attention to the control of their own mobile position, find a variety of devices we can quickly attack the enemy, these are very important.


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