Scary Teacher 3D
Scary Teacher 3D
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OS: IOS AndroId

Version: 5.10

Updated: June 2, 2021

Size: 1.2GB

Developer: Mojang

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The Scary Teacher 3D game revolves around Miss T who is known for being sadistic, ruthless and even short-tempered. This has led her to become extremely violent, committing various crimes such as torturing children and even secretly funding crimes against children with her son Kyle Pearson and his security company Pearson Security (aka Rascal Chasers). She is best known for committing a variety of crimes such as feeding hatred towards parents of children, violating the rights of children, and harming others. She rarely used other languages such as Polish, Russian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Turkish and German. She mainly uses Turkish as her other language used in Turkish translations, insults, responses to Turkish speakers, etc. Her most common Turkish insult is "Velet", which translates into her most common word, "Brat". In Russian, she uses this language for Russian translations, insults, responses to Russian speakers, etc. The most common insult she uses in Russian is "Надоедливый наркоман", which means "nasty junkie". She also mainly uses Polish to translate, insult, respond, etc. The most common word for insult in Polish is "Kłopot", which translates as "trouble", and she claims to be known for saying the "family-friendly" version of the Polish word Dumb A$$. People on social media claim that she secretly funded the Israeli army against Palestinians, including children. She had a good day before doing so, until she would have such a bad day being wise to well-known students Nick and Tani (and even others like Michael) and her family's pranks. When she shows up for her first assignment, she looks calm and relaxed as she searches for the newspaper. But when her hand accidentally touches the mousetrap under the newspaper, she starts to feel pain. She takes care of her own business, sometimes calling Francis for an appointment. On a Poppin Bottle assignment, she instructs her pesky students to buy Francis an expensive bottle of champagne. She seems to despise cats, as she said in the "Free the Cat" assignment. She also despises birds.

The Creepy Teacher, commonly known as Miss T. The house consists of 15 rooms, each with some unsolved mystery. You will recover photos of child victims, threatened pets, chocolate cake and chocolates. Remember, the "basement" also has some surprises.

The 3D graphics of Scary Teacher 3D will fully immerse you in these scary levels! join this game and experience hours of fun escaping and screwing the scary teacher!


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How To Play

The story is about a talented girl and her worst high school teacher. The horrible teacher has been threatening children, giving corporal punishment and sometimes torturing them. Now that the horrible teacher has relocated as your neighbor, you decide to teach her a lesson by scaring her.

What is the ideal revenge? It's time to scare the "creepy teacher" by carrying out various activities and releasing the pets in her custody. You must complete the tasks/assignments within the time allotted without getting caught.

It will take you into a creepy 3D world where your goal is to escape the clutches of a horrible teacher. The teacher is determined to take revenge on her students, and it's up to you to help one of them escape... And make the teacher's day at the same time!

Tap the virtual arrow keys to move your character around the map, explore each room, beat the level and finally escape the evil teacher's clutches! You can explore all the rooms and be sure to collect and use all the items you meet along the way.

At this point, you will find one of the most interesting features of the game: interacting with objects. The interaction is as simple as moving the camera, pointing at the object and clicking the button on the right side of the screen. In this way, you can use each item... And also the whole teacher! Don't forget to use the rear-view mirror in the upper right corner of the screen, and keep an eye on your mentally disturbed teacher while you're at it.


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