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OS: IOS AndroId

Version: 1.14.2

Updated: January 19, 2022

Size: 205.85MB

Developer: Snowprint Studios AB

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Rivengard is a turn-based strategy role-playing game in which you need to find powerful heroes to form your lineup in this new turn-based RPG. The time has come to test your strategy, complex game terrain design allows players to take advantage of it is also able to help you better defend against enemy attacks, many strategic defense is a test of the player's wisdom, rich game plot and gameplay can be tried in turn to feel a variety of different fun experience.


Rivengard game is the use of new 3D game graphics, to create a very magical style for the players of the continent. Players can choose powerful heroes to adventure on the continent, by matching powerful weapons and equipment to enhance their combat power, and through the level to obtain new props and gold rewards.

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How To Play

Players can build their own combat team to improve the overall comprehensive strength, if you think your output is strong enough to quickly kill your opponent, then you can directly on the full output lineup, explosive damage to pass faster.


One of the main aspects to remember in battle is terrain. Launching an attack from above is a better option because it will bring a greater killing power to your opponent.


In each battle you will have the opportunity to upgrade your heroes, equipping them with new weapons, armor and accessories. At first, you only have a few available heroes, but as you continue to play, you can start unlocking more and more characters with unique skills.


Through the breakthrough to kill the tough enemies, want to perfect five-star pass you need to avoid the death of your heroes on the line, meat shield output and treatment balanced with.


Full of magic style of the necromantic heroes will also be presented for you, each hero has a different attack skills, and the damage caused to the enemy is also different.

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