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OS: IOS AndroId

Version: 1.7.4

Updated: November 16, 2021

Size: 367.64MB

Developer: Voodoo

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Description 3D is a 3D version of the casual IO game, you can see the wonderful picture, in a variety of strange graphics to start running and drawing, control their own little man began to draw color, you need to paint the whole graffiti full of a certain color, after reaching the best goal to pass, click play to choose a color to start the game, easy and simple.

Fresh interface, in the game you can enjoy a good-looking 3D screen, the operation process experience full sense.

Look at the smooth drawing experience, see who is the first to draw this picture full will be able to successfully pass, which requires a good control ability.

Rich color selection, pick a suitable color and start drawing on the map, compete with other players your speed.

There are several different playing fields, you can pick different styles for the game, you can also set a best goal, each breakthrough beyond themselves.

Run and paint your own colors on a milky white course like the mountains, and see whose colors are the most conspicuous and interesting to paint and ultimately win.

Can draw their own place in a limited time, but also can compete with other players, in short, make their own area bigger.

The unique color style and the new 3D graphics make the game a better experience, and players will have more fun when they experience this game.

In the challenge can bring players a lot of interesting confrontation gameplay, so that each player can freely compete in the game world, rely on their own operating skills to defeat your opponents, and constantly win over the players who interact with you in the game to win the final victory.

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How To Play 3D is a casual game where your task is to color a 3D shape as much as you can. The longer the game lasts, the more opponents there will be, and you will have to avoid them if you want to keep playing.


The controls in 3D are intuitive: swipe your finger on the screen to guide a color block forward. Color as many areas as possible, draw closed shapes with your blocks, and fill the area with color afterwards. Do your best to color the area and get a higher ranking on the leaderboard than your opponents.


Not only that, you also have to re-color the area that has already been colored by your opponent by drawing lines and enclosing the area. Don't break into your opponent's colored area!

The characteristic circling gameplay brings a lot of fun to the game, allowing players the freedom to play against each other and win the game.

More special gameplay design, a variety of challenge rules, adding a lot of fun interactive experience to the game.

There are many kinds of skin effects that can be unlocked in the game to win the competition. 3D has all the features necessary to be a casual game, and every play is an enjoyable experience. Simple controls and sporty gameplay are perfect for a quick game to see if you can break your personal best.


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