Once Upon a Tower
Once Upon a Tower
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OS: IOS AndroId

Version: 41

Updated: August 30, 2021

Size: 252.78MB

Developer: Pomelo Games

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Perfect for all those who want an independent adventure. Take action, defeat the dragon and escape the castle! In a unique indie roguelike journey, plan your escape and set your princess free with the help of your keen skills and an array of epic features.

Ever wanted to escape to somewhere else? Ever felt like a princess trapped in the high tower of an ancient castle? Ever found yourself waiting for a brave knight to come to your rescue?

Wait no more! Because the knight won't come - no, really, he won't. Simply eaten by that guardian dragon over there.

Equipped with various forms of weapons, players must guide the princess to freedom by fighting vicious monsters, dodging traps and pushing down walls.

In this epic adventure, you have everything you need to escape and free yourself. The brave knight left his hammer behind, and I'm sure you can put it to good use, right? So grab the knight's hammer and get yourself to the bottom of the castle tower like the strong princess you are! Forget the dragon, you can beat it!

Make your way to the bottom of the tower on your own in this downward action indie game with a roguelike twist, where each princess is strong enough to do it on her own, without the help of any knights.

You can defeat enemies. You can escape the dragon. You can do this! Now let the adventure begin, ever on the tower.

Once Upon a Tower begins like any other fairy tale, with the brave knight climbing to the top of the tower. However, in an unlikely turn of events, the knight dies at the hands of a giant dragon. The good news is that his magical weapon has made its way into the princess' room, so your quest for freedom begins.

The game features a one-button control scheme that covers every action the princess requires. Swiping the mouse in the direction you want will allow the princess to break through walls and floors. Your main goal is to reach the bottom of the tower and defeat the dragon to gain freedom. Easy, right? So, if you like a new kind of adventure, then join Once Upon a Tower today! Don't forget to share this awesome game with your friends and family.

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How To Play

Once Upon a Tower is an action platformer where you play as a princess locked in a high tower, which is guarded by a giant dragon. Your heroine, against all odds, has to escape from the tower, and luckily, it has a giant war hammer that can destroy the floor of this prison.

The game contains a series of props such as bombs, shields, fire hammers, etc., which are purchased at the location where each two levels meet with the money collected in the game this game. The choice of props in the later stages is directly related to whether you can pass the game, so it is more important. The opening of the lucky button has a 50% chance of sending a random prop, the rest of the props at the interface of the two levels can freely choose three.

Slide your finger to swing the hammer. Swing the hammer down to destroy the floor and break the bricks under the princess' feet to send her downward. You can also break the bricks on the side or top. Of course, you can use the hammer to hit all the enemies that are in your way.

During the great escape, you must face a sea of dangers. Normal monsters will make the process a little difficult, but if you are quick and sharp enough, you can destroy them with a swing of the hammer. However, there are other dangers hidden here. You'll need to dodge spike traps, bombs, and even giant dragons.

Once Upon a Tower is a fun game that puts a new spin on the clichéd plot of the princess being locked in a tower. Plus, the graphics are beautiful and you can unlock tons of items like costumes, upgrade items, and more.

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