My Talking Dog
My Talking Dog
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OS: IOS AndroId

Version: 1.9

Updated: May 18, 2021

Size: 210.01MB

Developer: Peaksel Games

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Hey animal game lovers, the cutest puppy ever is here: My Talking Dog - Virtual Pet. If you don't have a real pet, Virtual Pet is the right choice for you, Charlie the Talking Dog is ready to play! This game combines dress up games and talking games in addition to the puppy being a virtual pet. Charlie is a cute puppy who will soon grow on you. Due to its simplicity, this game belongs to the category of children's games. However, the minigames in this cool game make it perfect for teens and even adults. If you like talking cats and other talking animals, you'll love this game!

Various dress-up features place the game between a girls' game and a boys' game; but that's not all! In addition to dressing up the dog, you can also change Charlie's furniture. Fun children's games and virtual pets are sure to keep you entertained. The game is not only entertaining, but also influences the creativity of children, as it includes dress-up games. In addition, it encourages practicing hand-eye coordination through the many mini-games it offers. Playing animal games has never been so much fun, so join this cool game and enjoy!


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How To Play

Talk to Charlie and he will repeat everything you say in a funny voice, all the games make the puppy hungry so make sure to feed him, this funny dog likes to get dirty so you have to make sure you give him a good bath, play dress up games with the puppy. Choose your favorite clothes and other dog accessories, listen to the dog play the piano, play hide and seek with Charlie or listen to the dog bark, play all day and then hold Charlie in bed, pass the levels and get fun gifts, pet, poke, tease or scratch him and see what else he can do!

Besides dressing up your dog, you can also change Charlie's furniture. More importantly, you have to feed him, give him a bath, take him to the bathroom and play with him. To hear the dog talk, you can say something and Charlie will repeat it in a funny voice.

Note: You can play games and collect points to level up. Once you have upgraded a few levels, you will receive fun gifts to help you play the game. Finally, all rooms have energy levels that need to be recharged after a while by playing with the dog and taking care of him.

It's fun to play and if you join My Talking Dog - Virtual Pet, you will have your own cute puppy!


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