Identity V
Identity V
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OS: IOS AndroId

Version: 1.0.84

Updated: October 12, 2021

Size: 3.8GB

Developer: Hong Kong Netease Interactive Entertainment Limited

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Welcome to the thrill party! Identity V

Set in 19th century Europe (Victorian era), there is a young artist couple in a remote mountainous area to buy a huge estate at a low price. The estate had a bad reputation because of ominous rumors about successive owners. But the couple ignored the superstition and rumors.

Then bad luck really came, the couple was killed by bandits, the estate changed hands several times, but the reputation remained, abandoned for a long time.

In 1923, a mysterious young man bought the estate. The estate came back to life with a lot of money, but there were still many areas that were left unused (such as the woodland, hunting grounds, church and other areas). Just when everyone thought the manor would get better and better under this young man, but something strange happened, people noticed that the staffing gap was like not enough to fill, and never stopped recruiting people. Many cases of missing persons in the community also ended up pointing to this place. But several police investigations came to nothing.

(Behind the scenes: the mysterious youth recruited players through invitations and recruitment of workers, and then behind the scenes manipulated this mysterious game of man, ghosts and gods at the same time. And the time when the manor game started was 1923, belonging to the George era)

In 1926, novelist / detective Orpheus for a mysterious commission letter to the manor to investigate the disappearance of a little girl. In the process of evidence investigation, Orpheus will use the deductive method to restore the case. A fire has burned most of the manor. It was found that the cause of death of the victims of the fire had nothing to do with the fire, only a few survivors were unconscious on the ground, they were lying on the ground is specially arranged, it seems to be holding some kind of mysterious ritual, and Orpheus was among the survivors. But strangely enough, all the survivors woke up to find that they had completely forgotten why they had come to this manor and what had happened here. What happened to the survivors and others was characterized as some kind of ritual sacrifice, but the cause of death of the rest of the people could never be reasonably explained. The manor was then closed, and from then on no one dared to visit or even go near the area, which was called the "infamous manor".


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How To Play

Identity V is an online cooperative game in which you can play as one of four survivors against a vicious killer, or you can play as the killer. Whichever side you choose, you'll have more than enough options developed against you.

The bulk of the game is based on short 4-on-1 battles, with each character having a range of special skills. In the background setting, the survivors have to activate some control points before they can open the door to get out, while the killer tries to stop them. If one of the survivors gets trapped a second time, then the game is over for then player.

As you play, you earn experience and can unlock some new skills and characters (survivors and monsters). The game also has a narrative side where a detective is investigating the disappearance of a family under strange circumstances. As you move forward, you'll find out what happened to them. So basically, each round is tied to a hypothetical investigation.

In the game, the four survivors must decipher five cipher machines, and through the terrain of the map, as well as their own skills to avoid the regulators, and then open the door or escape through the cellar. The supervisors will have to find the survivors to stop them from deciphering and escaping, use their skills and attacks to knock down the survivors, and eliminate them from the game by bleeding them out or hanging on to the carnival chair.

Win condition : Eliminate 0-1 survivors = regulator defeat survivor victory, eliminate 2 survivors = tie, eliminate 3-4 survivors = regulator victory survivor defeat

At the end of each game, players gain experience based on their rendition score in the game, through which they can earn talent points. Survivors and Supervisors have different talent systems (up to 120 talent points) and each talent has different effects on each side.

Supervisors have unique secondary traits: Listen, Disorder, Excitement, Rover, Teleport, Peeper, and Flash.


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