Friday Night Funkin music Fans
Friday Night Funkin music Fans
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OS: AndroId

Version: 0.1.49

Updated: November 26, 2021

Size: 73MB

Developer: Unicorn Game Studio

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Every Friday night, when you've always had big dreams for a fantastic Funkin Music Battle, come find us at FNF Music Battle: Friday Funkin Rapper Full Mod! ️

Let us make your dreams come true with this fantastic music game. Do your best to beat your enemies in rap battles and unlock all the amazing FNF songs. A variety of gameplay and many catchy songs are waiting for you to enjoy.

This is a cool music rhythm game. It is an adventure game that can bring players to the bloodthirsty alien world of Guts.

In this cartoon world full of chaos can experience the wonderful music challenge, each player can try different ways to complete the game in the various levels, and constantly unlock the new content, fun rhythmic breakthrough game, the game is very many levels, the game is also very simple only need to accurately press the four build to be able to pass the perfect.

The game style is very cute, music type is also more, there are a lot of characters for you to choose, each level can bring you a different experience.

The rhythm of the whole process is also very strong, so you can have a completely different feeling in the game, the challenge is also very easy.

There are also secrets and secret items to get, as well as some good achievements and trophies to unlock. Hurry up and join it to experience it.

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How To Play

Just pay attention to the arrows on the edge of the screen, click on the appropriate buttons, and pay attention to the rhythm of the song while watching the action unfold.

At the top of the screen, there is a status bar where you can follow all the progress. If you want to help your character proceed smoothly, you'll need good reflexes to click on the arrows as they appear and try to get the highest score in each round.

Provides fun gameplay to test your reflexes. Follow the rhythm and click on the arrows to get high scores and help these characters move along.

The game is easy to play and you will get the right instructions on your phone screen, so you should only press or tap the arrows in the same direction.

Click on the screen button to jump according to the rhythm, super rich song library, cute Q cute character image, enjoy the comfortable and wonderful rhythm breakthrough.

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