Dawn of Titans: War Strategy
Dawn of Titans: War Strategy
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OS: AndroId

Version: 1.42.0

Updated: October 19, 2021

Size: 35.65MB

Developer: NaturalMotionGames Ltd

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Take control of epic Titans and conquer divided kingdoms in breathtaking 3D battle scenes!

Control thousands of armies and a host of celestial Titans such as Thor, Zeus and Osiris! Join the most engaging massively multiplayer online role-playing strategy-based PVP war game on the mobile platform, take them all under your wing, capture enemy territories, expand your empire, dominate the leaderboards and build your own army!


Join an alliance with your friends and take on a variety of daily events, including Alliance Wars, Plunder Chiefs, Conquest and Raid modes!

 Award-winning, console-level graphics won the IMGA Best Technical Achievement Award and Game Artist of the Year Award.

Non-stop in-game and live events: In Dawn of Titans, the battle never ends, with new events going live every day and new Titans and rewards debuting every week.

Amazing titans from myth and legend collect giant gods and warriors and pit them against each other in epic and fantastic PVP battles that are like nothing you've ever seen before.

100% Instant Battle Control: Take direct control of thousands of armies and fight alongside your Titans with complete control over strategy, spellcasting, offense and defense.

Build an indestructible alliance: Work together with friends to challenge other alliances in weekly seasonal leaderboard leagues and gather your collective strength to meet new challenges every day.

 Build the ultimate kingdom: Challenge other players, seize territory and build your fantasy empire in the most engaging massively multiplayer online action-strategy role-playing game on the mobile platform!

Collect and grow your Titan collection: Collect real-world mythical and legendary Titans, such as the mighty Norse god Odin, or the King of Olympus, Zeus himself!

Equip and upgrade your troops with powerful relics and artifacts to equip your Titans and troops and boost their power!

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How To Play

awn of Titans is a strategy game, an action strategy game that allows players to lead Titans into battle against huge armies. To do this, players build their own kingdoms and plunder other players' kingdoms. You must lead your army against other players in massive armed confrontations. Your task is to command the troops and choose their objectives depending on the type of troops.

As the game progresses, you can expand and upgrade your village, from which you can create new units to unite your team, each with a specific function. Getting the right balance of units and abilities will determine your victory or defeat in a confrontation.

In battle, you must set the starting position of your army and mark the area you want to move or attack. Confrontations happen in real time, and you can instantly change your route and marked targets to suit the battle. Plus you can charge as fast as you can while taking cover for long-range attacks, or even use magic and giant creatures to get out of numerous groups quickly.

Combat. Dawn of Titans engages players in battles to expand the scope of their empire. To achieve victory, they must recruit, train, equip and control thousands of warriors.

Build. Dawn of Titans allows players to become the ruler of their own kingdom. As such, they can increase their structures and expand their lands. In addition, they can use invasion forces to attack and occupy enemy territories.

Titans appear as humanoid entities of various sizes and genders, with different skills and attributes, belonging to five factions: Human, Unak, Elisen, Mosman and Ragnar. Players can unlock more advanced Titans by gaining experience points in battle, and upgrade Titans through power fusion.

Dawn of Titans is a fascinating strategy game along the lines of the popular Total War saga. Its main attraction is that it condenses this action into short rounds, allowing you to engage in sizeable skirmishes that are still quick enough to enjoy.

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