Boom Beach
Boom Beach
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OS: IOS AndroId

Version: 44.243

Updated: November 17, 2021

Size: 249.04MB

Developer: Supercell

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Boom Beach is an implementation strategy game, BoomBeach is set in a beautiful island, your village is surrounded by beautiful beaches and woods, everything is like a quiet and peaceful paradise. However, the evil enemy suddenly invaded and broke the peace of this place.

This game has the richest gameplay, classic game modes to enjoy, high quality game graphics.

The story of this game takes place in the island, in this sea island there are many professions of soldiers can choose, rich props can choose.

In this epic battle strategy game, use your ingenuity and powerful troops to fight against the evil dark guards. Attack enemy bases, free enslaved islanders and uncover the hidden secrets of this tropical paradise. Create contingents with players from around the world and join forces to fight the enemy. Scout, plan, then bomb the beaches!

Engage in an epic war against the evil Dark Guard; fight to capture precious resources, upgrade your base and stop enemy attacks.

Explore the huge tropical archipelago and discover the mysterious energy of the life crystal.

Play with millions of other players, raid thousands of enemy bases and reap the spoils of war

Capture precious resources through battles, upgrade your base and stop the enemy's attack

Explore the huge tropical archipelago and discover the mysterious energy of life crystals

Face off with the terrifying dark guards of the old monsters and reveal their evil plans

Create unstoppable task forces with other players and perform cooperative missions

In the game, the player's troops need to explore the unknown archipelago, attack hundreds of island bases controlled by the dark guards, and explore the power of the idols.

Players can play online with global players at the same time, attacking non-player-controlled islands and other players who keep invading to gain loot, as well as forming a task force with other players to cooperate with each other to complete missions.

Eventually invest military funds to capture the target, and upon successful capture you will receive medals and tribute gold from the islanders liberated by the players. However, the liberated islands may be invaded again by the Dark Guard or Dark Guard mercenaries at any time, and the player will need to send troops again to retake the islands.

Boom Beach is such a popular and interesting implementation of strategy games, the game's graphics are exquisite and exquisite, definitely make you addicted. You can choose from machine guns, bazookas and motorboats, and start fighting now! join it and try it out!


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How To Play

In Islanders, players will encounter two types of opponents: other players (PVP players - known as Dark Guard mercenaries) and computer-controlled opponents (NPC islands - known as Dark Guard).

The player opponent matching system uses the number of medals as a selection criterion, and opponents are chosen from players with similar medals to suit the player's challenge level. The player's experience level and command level are independent of the opponent matching system, and the same applies to the opponent matching of resource island opponents.

On the other hand, the more times a computer-controlled island is defeated by a player, the more difficult it will only become, but the more rewarding it will be.

The buildings in Island Warriors are divided into three main categories: economic facilities, support facilities, and defense facilities; in addition, there are special buildings such as command, idols, prototype defense facilities, and hero huts.

The game is divided into infantry, machine gunner, rocket launcher, indigenous warriors, tanks, doctors several types of soldiers, the game with their own, a variety of cooperation has the advantages and disadvantages, this depends on their own preferences. Infantry and rocket gunner afraid of rocket launchers and mortars, indigenous afraid of spitfire and close-range machine guns, machine gunner and tank afraid of single wound tower, the early recommended machine gunner with rocket gunner with high-grade artillery shells and multiple rockets, wild people need to match high-grade town explosion bomb and pillbox. Tanks need to be paired with doctors and high-grade shells multi-tube. Note that during the attack, any troop type needs to use good suppression shells and prevent rockets from blowing up your rocket launchers and infantry, as this is a devastating blow to them to ensure minimal troop casualties!

You can upgrade the weapons of your battleship in the Institute and upgrading the player's battleship increases the battleship energy.

Depending on the class, the battleship can provide the player with a wide range of different weaponry: artillery, priming missiles, medical kits, concussion grenades, multiple rockets, smoke grenades and machine gadgets.

When players will upgrade to a certain level and explore a wider sea frontier, they will have the possibility to discover resource islands. Join us to explore this island!

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