Blades of Brim
Blades of Brim
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OS: IOS AndroId

Version: 2.18.1

Updated: September 23, 2021

Size: 374.77MB

Developer: Sybo Games ApS

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It's not easy to follow up the very popular Subway Surfer with a new twist on the Infinite Runner. But Sybo Games nailed it with Blades of Brim, which lets your hero ride through colorful, enchanting fantasy worlds in shiny armor. You won't be able to keep a smile of joy off your face as you defeat enemies without breaking stride, walk through walls in epic combos and roast bad guys from the back of a dragon.

This free-to-play game offers endless fun, filled with cool missions and unlimited weapon and armor upgrades.

Run with Brim's awesome heroes and save the world from the invading hordes of Goons!

Duck into an epic, enchanting, endless universe where magic and mayhem await your unique wall-running character, and become the greatest hero Brim has ever seen as you complete missions on the run!

The game's new introduction of endless parkour and extreme combat and other cool modes, players will take on the role of knight prince, wild beast man and other heroes, all the way to fly the wall, driving to kill purple one-eyed monster and other powerful enemies, more riding pets combat kill moves constantly, to help the running journey blood spurting. Try to jump over the endless depths of treacherous and dangerous cliffs as you slash mobs and their ugly bosses with your magic sword. Come together to open the mysterious and bloodthirsty gallop journey.



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How To Play

Blades of Brim is an endless runner where you'll lead a team of heroes through beautiful fantasy scenes, facing hundreds of enemies along the way. The game is developed by the same team as Subway Surfers, as we found out when we first saw it.

The game is carefully designed for players to explore and use the layers of mysterious levels and fantasy props. The endless levels are full of crises, with huge legions of evil wizards ambushing the wizard continent formed by dungeons, valleys, etc., waiting for an opportunity to kill the forces of good. In the face of challenges, players will be sitting on a huge weapon invincible, release magic can summon the dragon, wolves and other spirit animal mounts, and blades and firearms, all the way to kill the wizard, open the mysterious, bloodthirsty running journey!

Try to collect treasure and gold while sprinting and dodging, jumping and rolling, and hacking and slashing through huge armies of thugs to upgrade your epic characters, weapons, and magical blades.

The controls are common to this type of game, with a few original adaptations. For example, while you move the main character left and right, you also attack the enemies on that track. Running along the walls is also one of the new features of the game.

You can keep completing tasks in the game to earn gold. This helps you unlock new characters, as well as new items that can change their appearance: hairstyles, clothing, and weapons.

Jump over deadly cliffs and run over walls to escape pesky mobs

 Dodge enemies and obstacles in your path. Collect essences and gold coins to upgrade your character and blade

Kill scary villains and make friends with pets like elemental wolves, horses and magic dragons

 Upgrade your armor and enhance your weapons

Perform fast-paced combos and wall-running stunts on your way to becoming the greatest hero of all time!

 The creators have given you the #1 ranked game of all time, Subway Surfers!

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