Bendy in Nightmare Run
Bendy in Nightmare Run
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OS: IOS AndroId

Version: 1.4.4

Updated: June 30, 2021

Size: 798.94MB

Developer: Joey Drew Studios

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Bendy™ In Nightmare Run is an action-packed "boss runner" for your iOS device. Play as Bendy™, Boris the Wolf and Alice Angel as you swipe to jump, dash and fight back against four of the biggest, nastiest bullies in the classic 1930s Joey Drew Studios cartoon. The action never stops as you fight off enemies, avoid obstacles and navigate pirate ships, city streets, junkyards and not-so-silent libraries.

Players in the game will be in Bendy, Boris the Wolf and Alice Angel and other classic representative characters to help you get through one difficult level after another. The core gameplay is a parkour game, defeat your enemies and powerful bosses, collect currency to unlock new characters and skins, etc. In addition to familiar enemies, you will also meet new friends from Bendy's world.

Give you a taste of the Disney genre, while being free to unlock a variety of skins as well as characters for a different kind of parkour gameplay!

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How To Play

The game takes place in the Bendy cartoon world and features three playable characters; the nominal characters Bendy, Boris the Wolf and Alice Angel. the game includes four playable levels, four boss cartoon monsters to defeat, collectible bacon soup to buy, unlockable costumes and weapons, scoring levels, small enemies to hinder the player's progress in defeating the monsters, and future Possible updates may add some new levels or monsters.

Where there's Bendy, there's always trouble brewing! Traverse the lost cartoons recently discovered in the dark vaults of Joey Drew's studio. You'll battle brand new monsters while collecting bacon soup and other retro treats in this sprinting, running, scrambling adventure.

Collect weapons and upgrade your character. Improve your abilities by collecting and consuming tasty cans of bacon soup. Customize your character with never-before-seen costumes and episode-specific weapons. Celebrate your victories with official Bendy™ exclusively in Nightmare Run merchandise! T-shirts, plush toys, posters, keychains and more!

Bendy needs your help to get out of trouble. The chase is on!

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