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OS: IOS AndroId


Updated: January 27, 2022

Size: 284.81MB

Developer: Space Ape Ltd

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Beatstar is a music genre casual breakout game, this game has a rich background music, players are free to choose, different game modes can match different types of music.


This is an exciting musical adventure challenge, feel a unique battle play, enjoy the fun of music.


Smooth game play, rich music inventory, so you can enjoy the ultimate pleasure of this game.


Complete various tests to try out more interesting games and move your fingers to prepare for the adventure and experience the wonderful path of breakthrough.


Hit the game notes with precision and enjoy the beats with many effects instantly. Play against other players and become the best player!


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How To Play

Concentrate on getting the beat right. You need to use your hands to tap each note at the right time, so focus on the screen and immerse yourself in the intricacies of the song to see the right time to tap.


You can enjoy the music of various eras in this game, in this music game you need to feel the rhythm and then play it. Conduct the choir, the lead singer, and every note of each instrument to make the music sound perfect.


To get the highest score, you need to follow the rhythm as if you were playing it live. The box needs to go right through the click area, otherwise your beat will be incorrect. If you miss, you'll lose the perfect track, and if you can't hit multiple notes on time, the rhythm will rewind a bit and give you another chance.

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