American Block Sniper Survival
American Block Sniper Survival
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OS: IOS AndroId

Version: 2.0

Updated: August 17, 2021

Size: 313.26MB

Developer: Aeria Canada

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If you like military block pixel games with sniper weapons, then you'll love American Block Sniper Survival

American Block Sniper Survival.

Pound and kill or die in the most amazing running and shooting action free game! Take on the role of the most accurate sniper in the US military in his most challenging mission to date! Fight for survival in the intense campaign mode or test your mettle in the sniper defense mode! Block Meet combat in an arena filled with impressive and upgradeable weapons, where the fate of the world is in your hands!

Test your marksmanship in this exciting new mode where you can defend your tower against wave after wave of enemies. They will enter the left, right and center and you must spot them quickly and pull the trigger to stop them.

Become a silent professional and prove yourself as the world's best Tier 1 cadre in a world full of classic blocky looking characters! Are you ready to survive?

Become a famous sniper hero in American Block Sniper Survival Become a famous sniper hero in American Block Sniper Survival. This brutal running and shooting action game lets you become a sniper in deadly action. Trek through war-torn cities in order to hunt down the enemy. Only by reaching your target you will be able to successfully complete all missions.

They will attack villages, bringing fire and death. One grave after another ...... I can no longer stand to be a part of it. The problem is so big and so laborious that the world has forgotten the horrors faced on the battlefield: the burnt socks of roadside children, the blood-spattered alleys, the unforgettable stench of death and the ringing of reports that play on repeat in your mind as you try to sleep at night ...... and the look on the target's face as the blood drains from his body. But this is war, and the law of good soldiers is a lack of emotion. Numbing my emotions and attachments to the people and places I've been was a challenge, but I soon realized the benefits ...... Because now I was unstoppable.

join this addictive FPS game to kick off a fun, fast-paced 3D mobile gaming experience.


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How To Play

Players must defeat all enemies in each level before time runs out. At the beginning of each level, all you have is a rifle, but you can find and use many weapons along the way.

Strike and kill enemies fast in this combat challenge. Collect ammo and HP pickups as you move forward. However, these pickups will decrease and the number of enemies will increase significantly. This ultimate battle offers the option to fight in physical combat or fight with a range of melee and firearm weapons. It's your choice. Choose your difficulty and earn energy boosts by completing quick missions and unlocking levels on the mission map selection.

Each level lasts about two to five minutes, depending on your performance. During this time, you must attempt to defeat all enemies that appear on the map. They will use a variety of different weapons to attack you, and more than once, some will be well hidden. Some enemies will fire long-range missiles at you, while others will charge at you with shotguns.



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