Hitman Sniper
Hitman Sniper
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OS: IOS AndroId

Version: 1.7.337

Updated: October 8, 2021

Size: 1.2GB


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Hitman Sniper is an end-game port of the shooter, this time with a new group of elite killers joining Agent 47, and you can only use one sniper rifle to complete all contracts.

Hitman Sniper's control system is very touch screen friendly. To view your rifle's firing range, simply tap on the area of the scene you want to see more closely. Then, you can aim by swiping your left thumb across the screen. To fire, use your right thumb to press the trigger.

One of the main aspects of the Hitman series is the freedom it gives you in performing each mission. We would have to say that Hitman Sniper is no different. In each mission, you are required to complete a series of objectives, but you can execute them as you see fit. You can shoot a candelabra and make it fall on a soldier's head, shoot an enemy standing next to a window and knock him down, or shoot a gas canister and set it on fire. Every scenario in the game is full of possibilities.

Players will take on the role of Agent 47 and experience the most intense and exciting sniper battles, honing your tactical skills and orchestrating a perfect mission. The endless battles are a rigorous test of your skills and speed of execution. Prove your skills as you discover secrets and intrigue to complete the perfect mission.

Become the ultimate silent assassin Take on the role of Agent 47 in Hitman: Sniper and discover the most compelling sniper experience on your mobile device.

Tactical missions in Montenegro Hone your strategic skills and plan the perfect assassination.

Get ready for non-stop action with action-packed zombie challenges in Death Valley that truly test your accuracy and execution speed.

Over 150 missions and 11 different contracts to refine your perfect assassination strategy as you discover secrets and tricks.

With 17 unique weapons, eliminate targets, collect weapon parts and complete blueprints to unlock the most powerful rifles.

Compete with your friends to rule the leaderboards, improve your score and climb the ranks to become the best silent assassin in the world.

At each level there will be a clear assassination target and you will need to complete it with quality and efficiency. But the guards on patrol won't let you get away with it easily, they will warn you or even capture you outright.


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How To Play

As Agent 47, the standard assassin protagonist of the Hitman series, players will assassinate several powerful characters gathered in three upscale lakeside houses in Montenegro.

This shooting gallery game is played from a first-person perspective through a sniper scope, and the sniper gameplay is divided into two parts for two different mission packs; Black Mountain, which is the main set of the game and contains all objectives, missions, rifles and upgrades, and Death Valley, an unlockable extended three-stage mission set in which you must protect an anonymous character named Ben from hordes of attackers . Unlimited zombies. 47 will not suffer a counterattack, but the contract will fail if the target detects an assassin and then flees (some targets will choose to hide), or if the guards go on full alert (or still succeed if the assassination is done while on full alert). So 47 needs to be as stealthy as possible to carry out the assassination without anyone in the villa noticing. A direct shot will attract the attention of witnesses, and using indirect methods such as triggering electrocution and falling off the building, the guards will assume there is no suspicion. In addition, the backup ammunition is unlimited, and loading the gun will lead to a quick reaction event where the player needs to swipe the screen, success will cause the 47 to load fluently, failure will slow down the loading speed.

The characters in the map include high profile targets, guards and civilians. High-profile targets are the characters that 47 needs to kill, while killing other high-profile targets outside of the mission objective also earns a lot of points. The guards patrol the houses and investigate if they find anything unusual. Civilians who find anomalies will inform the nearby guards, and there is no reward or penalty for killing civilians. New high-profile targets need to be unlocked by gathering information, and targets that do not obtain relevant information are treated as civilians. There are also items on the map such as laptops and champagne bottles, which can be destroyed to score points or as a way to lure enemies.

The game has 6 chapters without any storyline, the first chapter is a teaching mission, and the second chapter starts to the end is the actual battle. Each contract is to assassinate one of the 11 high-profile targets. There are also secondary missions such as getting a certain amount of points and killing guards in a specific way. Players need to complete the secondary tasks first before assassinating the main target, and killing only the main target will count as an incomplete contract. If players get stuck, they can use in-game currency purchases to skip the current mission, but they will not be rewarded for doing so.

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