GTA: Liberty City Stories
GTA: Liberty City Stories
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OS: IOS AndroId

Version: 1.2

Updated: March 6, 2019

Size: 2.0GB

Developer: Rockstar Games

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Get ready to return to the East Coast as Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories returns to mobile devices. With shorter, more streamlined missions designed with mobile gameplay in mind, this defining open-world adventure has been reworked for Android with extensive graphical enhancements, rebalanced touch controls and cross-platform saves.

Tony Cipriani, once the trusted former wise man of the Leone family, has returned home to Liberty City after a period in hiding for killing a white man. Now the streets of Liberty City are in chaos as warring families vie for control and the town begins to self-destruct in a wave of political corruption, organized crime, drug trafficking and union strikes. Crazed killers, morally corrupt tycoons, cynical politicians, and even his own mother are standing in the way of Tony's attempts to bring the city under the control of the Leon family.

Liberty City Stories showcases one of the game's most memorable worlds while taking you on an action-packed journey through the criminal underworld. Stealing cars, dodging cops, and racing through obstacle-strewn streets is an absolute blast. Notorious for racking up new cars and weapons while being as addictive as ever, and the series' familiar dark humor had us laughing out loud. rockstar's massive game offers a wonderful sandbox full of chaos and silliness that you won't want to leave.

The game takes place in Liberty City, but is set in New York City in May 1998, three years before Grand Theft Auto III, and is meant to let players witness the disintegration of the Leone Family's power in Portland and other areas where Grand Theft Auto III raised suspicions. The main character is Toni Cipriani. Cipriani after serving four years in prison to re-enter Liberty City, by the Leone family leader Salvatore Leone's assistance, the protagonist re-entered the underground world temporarily for his assistant Vicenzo Cilli.

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How To Play

At the beginning of the game, Liberty City transportation workers opposed to the construction of the Callahan Bridge and the Porter Tunnel and the city-wide general strike, the ferry service between Portland and Staten Island was closed; the Binbian Lift Bridge was also closed as a result. While in Portland, in addition to competing with the Sendak family, there were also negotiations with union leaders. Through intimidation and coercion, ferry service between Portland and Staten Island was finally restored; construction of the Callahan Bridge was partially completed.

In Staten Island, Salvatore Lyons asked Tony to kill Mayor Roger Hall, and after the successful assassination Liberty City held a mayoral election in which Donner and Maio O'Donovan ran. Donner withdrew after receiving a round of threats, and Myrl O'Donovan became mayor. In addition, Tony gained control of Newport for Yadi's Jamaican mob and also controlled the Sendak family's vehicle to attack the Frehley family's men, causing infighting and making his mob organization, the Lyons family, the most powerful mob. At the same time, he fell under the trap of a reporter posing as a church priest, Nader Bernard, to create news and then broadcast it first, becoming the best reporter. He is later killed by Tony.

After a speech by the new mayor, Maio O'Donovan, that Liberty City would always have ferry service, the waterfront lift bridge returned to operation. In the meantime, Salvador Lyon was arrested by the FBI. He was imprisoned at the Binbian Point Police Station. Meanwhile, Donner killed Averill Carrington to obtain his sketches for Fort Staten Island, angering his bid protection group, the Columbia Union. Later, he asked Tony to blow up the area in the old tunnel in order to "rebuild" Fort Staunton. Since the area was also under the control of the Fraley family, the Fraleys later disappeared. Donna Love and later fled Liberty City because they were being hunted by the powerful mob in Hamanabe, the Columbia League.

Tony also accepted the request of a Japanese woman, Toshiko, to "liberate" her and revenge on her husband. His husband, Kazuki Kasai, is also the leader of a gang in Staten Island, the Yamaguchi-gumi. Later, her husband was killed by Tony and Toshiko committed suicide. The casino was later inherited by his brother.

Salvador Leon is attacked by the Sicilian Mafia when he goes to court for trial. Tony is later escorted to the court and released in court. Later, the Sicilian mafia kidnaps the mayor and Tony and Salvatore go to the rescue and kill the Sicilian mafia. After the successful rescue and the mayor promised to work for Salvatore Lyon in return.


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